NorthSec 2021

Laurent Desaulniers

Laurent is the Director of Penetration Testing for GoSecure. He has conducted over 400 pentesting and red team engagements over the span of 10 years and is still enthusiastic about it. Laurent is also a challenge designer for Northsec and has given talks to RSA, CQSI, NCFTA, HackFest, RSI, Montrehack, Owasp Montreal and Northsec. Besides security, Laurent is interested in Lockpicking, magic and pickpocketing.

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Application security
Laurent Desaulniers, Indiana Moreau, Dolev Farhi, Mitchell Cohen, Mansi Sheth

Q&A and discussion for the malware block, hosted and moderated by Laurent Desaulniers Questions will be gathered from the audience during the four prior talks.

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