NorthSec 2022

What Lies Behind Canada’s Internet Regulation Reversal?
2022-05-19, 09:20–09:50, Ville-Marie

Canadian government’s Internet regulation plans that tries to sweep up broadcast regulation, news media regulation, online harms, and privacy.

The Canadian government has recently reversed years of Internet regulation policy, shifting from a pro-innovation approach to one that emphasizes regulation, taxation, and government engagement in Internet streaming, speech, and the availability of news. Professor Michael Geist will unpack the latest developments and discuss what lies behind the government plans.

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Dr. Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law and is a member of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society. He regularly appears in the Globe and Mail, is the editor of several monthly technology law publications, and the author of a popular blog on Internet and intellectual property law issues. Dr. Geist serves on many boards, including Ingenium, Internet Archive Canada, and the EFF Advisory Board. He was appointed to the Order of Ontario in 2018 and has received numerous awards for his work including the Kroeger Award for Policy Leadership and the Public Knowledge IP3 Award in 2010, the Les Fowlie Award for Intellectual Freedom from the Ontario Library Association in 2009, the EFF’s Pioneer Award in 2008, and Canarie’s IWAY Public Leadership Award for his contribution to the development of the Internet in Canada.

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