NorthSec 2020 (Online Edition)

Roger Johnston

Roger Johnston is a security analyst at Ubisoft Montreal where he specializes in adversary emulation and threat intelligence.

In 2019 he worked closely with the Credibility Coalition misinfosec working group to develop counters for disinformation, and to provide tooling to the AMITT community.

Today, Roger volunteers with the Cognitive Security Collaborative where he builds capabilities to bootstrap elf communities, provides trainings, and evangelizes the need for greater awareness of disinformation. His recent work at Cognitive Security Collaborative includes the launch of a MISP sharing community for influence operations.

Through Cognitive Security Collaborative, Roger recently joined the CTI League to counter COVID-19 disinformation.

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AMITT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks

We describe the use of adversarial misinformation playbooks to detect and counter disinformation, and explore advances in misinfosec tooling appropriated from the infosec community.