NorthSec 2020 (Online Edition)


“Opening Speeches”

Alexandre Beaulieu

“Advanced Binary Analysis”

Alex Ivkin

“Practical security in the brave new Kubernetes world”

Alyssa Miller

“Look! There's a Threat Model in My DevSecOps”


“Regions are types, types are policy, and other ramblings”

Christian Paquin

“Stay quantum safe: future-proofing encrypted secrets”

Emily Wicki

“Finding the Needle in the Needlestack: An Introduction to Digital Forensics”

Etienne Maynier

“Defending Human Rights in the Age of Targeted Attacks”

Holger Unterbrink

“Dynamic Data Resolver IDA plugin – Extending IDA with dynamic data”

Jean-Christophe Delaunay

“IOMMU and DMA attacks”

Kelley Robinson

“Designing Customer Account Recovery in a 2FA World”

Olivier Bilodeau

“Capture-The-Flag 101”

Paul Rascagnères

“High speed fingerprint cloning: myth or reality?”

Philippe Arteau

“Unicode vulnerabilities that could byͥte you”

Prof. Yehuda Lindell

“The Path to Software-Defined Cryptography via Multi-Party Computation”

Roger Johnston

“AMITT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks”

Sara-Jayne Terp

“AMITT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks”

Vitor Ventura

“High speed fingerprint cloning: myth or reality?”

Xavier Garceau-Aranda

“Offensive Cloud Security Workshop”