Breaking smart contracts
2019-05-17, 10:00–12:00, Workshop 1

Some of the most financially devastating hacks in recent years have happened on the blockchain. This Ethereum focused workshop, will teach you the fundamentals of writing and breaking smart contracts.

In this workshop, we will teach students how to write smart contracts in the Solidity programming language. Solidity is easy to learn, but hard to get right.

The approach to training we’ll take in this session will be to provide a series of simple coding challenges, where participants are asked to write the code to implement a simple program, such as a coin toss, a transferable token (like a coin), or an auction. We’ll allow an appropriate amount of time for each step, and then provide a solution.

Then the fun part! We will walk the participants through the steps to break their contracts.

Classes of vulnerabilities we’ll explore include:

Reentrancy attacks
Forcible sends
Front Running