Making it easier for everyone to get Let's Encrypt certificates with Certbot
2019-05-16, 13:30–14:00, Conf 1

To get to 100% HTTPS adoption, it has to be easy for every website operator to turn on HTTPS. Through usability testing, the Certbot team is making Certbot more helpful for more people.

The last few years have seen a meteoric rise in HTTPS adoption on the web. At this stage, complete adoption is a feasible goal. To get there, it's going to have to be easy for every operator behind every website to turn on HTTPS.

Certbot is EFF's tool for getting automated certificates from Let's Encrypt. Certbot makes getting certificates easier, but how much easier? And which groups of users get left behind?

The Certbot team ran usability studies to find out how people were conceptualizing and using tooling around HTTPS. This talk will cover our (often surprising) results, lessons we learned, and how we're using what we learned to make Certbot more helpful for more people.

Erica Portnoy is a technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). She develops the Let's Encrypt client Certbot, which makes it easy for people who run websites to turn on https, keeping their users private and secure against network-based attackers. She writes and speaks about encryption in practice, including what people need from secure messaging providers and what the next generation of encryption in the cloud might look like. Erica also works on EFF's net neutrality project, writing technical filings and opinion pieces and organizing technologists from the networking industry to speak up for technical accuracy in policy decisions.