Olivier Bilodeau

Olivier Bilodeau is leading the Cybersecurity Research team at GoSecure. With more than 10 years of infosec experience, he enjoys attracting embedded Linux malware, writing tools for malware research, reverse-engineering all-the-things and vulnerability research. Passionate communicator, Olivier has spoken at several conferences like BlackHat USA/Europe, Defcon, Botconf, SecTor, Derbycon, HackFest and many more. Invested in his community, he co-organizes Montr√©Hack,‚ÄČa monthly workshop focused on applied information security, and NorthSec, Montreal's community conference and Capture-The-Flag.

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Leveraging DevOps Tools for Malware Research and Red Team
Olivier Bilodeau

This workshop will get you started with containers and cloud
orchestration as a cybersecurity person. You will get hands-on
experience with vagrant, docker, docker-compose, ansible and terraform.

Capture-The-Flag 101
Olivier Bilodeau

An introduction to Capture-The-Flag (CTF) with easy challenges and tips on how to approach them.

Workshop 3