NorthSec 2019 speaker: Émilio Gonzalez

Émilio is an undergraduate student from Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS). He discovered a passion for cybersecurity two years ago, which lead him to break his promise of trying three different fields during his internships and instead taking only cybersecurity-related internships at the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Center (formerly CCIRC, now CCCS)'s malware analysis team, GoSecure's R&D team and Desjardins' threat hunting team.

President of JDIS, UdeS' computer science student organization, Émilio likes to make things happen, let it be CTFs, AI competitions, conferences, workshops or making every developper understand that tab is the superior indentation character (work in progress).


Welcome to the Jumble: Improving RDP Tooling for Malware Analysis and Pentesting

PyRDP, the open-source RDP man-in-the-middle, allows complete interception of Remote Desktop sessions. This opens the door for new techniques in malware research and pentesting.